jennifer godfrey

software engineer

Utilizing JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

A little more about me.

I'm a full-stack software engineer working with JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. Solving real-life problems with impactful solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

Let's connect to explore remote work opportunities and build something amazing together!

My Favorite Projects

Website: Peace Place Respite Care

Peace Place Respite Care

Live Site
WordPress | Elementor

A fully responsive and user-friendly website created for Peace Place Respite Care to empower its mission to reach wider audiences and make a meaningful difference in the community.

Full Stack Applcation: Sew Your Stash

Sew Your Stash

GitHub Live Site
HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Node.js | Express | MongoDB

An inventory management system that combines my passion for quilting and coding. Local Authentication is powered by passport.js, allowing users to sign up, sign in, and create their own collection.

Web App: Guess that Pokemon

Guess that Pokémon

GitHub Live Site
HTML | CSS | JavaScript

Built on the foundation of the PokeAPI's RESTful API. This is a simple yet entertaining experience centered around the original cast of Pokémon.

Website: IamHER


Live Site
WordPress | Beaver Builder

A vibrant and engaging website, designed to be fully responsive, enables IamHER to broaden the range of services they offer to their community and provides an accessible platform for their clients.

Landing Page: Coming Soon

Coming Soon Landing Page

GitHub Live Site
HTML | CSS | JavaScript

This interactive landing page design includes an email submission form which validates user input to ensure proper format.